What can a packable ultra-light Pengu KIDS down jacket do for me?

Down has a number of advantages over other materials in clothing and inside Pengu KIDS down coats and jackets.

  • Warmth: There’s very little on the planet as warm as high-quality goose or duck down, especially when it comes to materials that could actually make suitable clothing.
  • Weight: The amount of down it takes to keep you warm inside our down coat weighs practically nothing. It means that you can make a down jacket that is half the weight of comparably warm jacket made of other materials.
  • Packability: All the loftiness that makes down warm and cosy also makes it incredibly compressible, meaning you can pack your down coat or jacket into half the space of a typical fleece jacket.

And those are just the advantages of down itself; but since it’s almost always built into a coat or jacket made of lightweight nylon, you get these added bonuses as well:

  • Weather resistance: Pretty much all down jackets and also Pengu KIDS down jackets are windproof, making them excellent outer layers. When even a thick fleece would probably still need an additional layer to keep out the wind.
  • Silky smooth: Pengu KIDS coats and jackets are usually so frictionless that you can stuff a down jacket into small corners of bag that would otherwise be empty, meaning it can often magically disappear. It also makes a nice, soft cushion while travelling.

Because of this particular combination of advantages, down jackets generally and also Pengu KIDS down products are absolutely essential for ultralight travel, but they are also quite useful in chilly fall or spring adventures or even in some summer nights.

They are also incredibly useful for the multi-season trip, which requires summer and winter clothing to be packed into the same bag. It is easy to wear Pengu KIDS down jackets separately or just as one layer under raincoat or some other jackets. We call Pengu KIDS down coats and jackets travel jackets and I am sure many of our lovely clients agree with us.